Monday April 29th: Light in our Hearts
April 29, 2024
A parish mourns on passing of “gentle giant”
April 30, 2024

Tuesday April 30th: What a gift!

“Peace, I bequeath to you, my own peace I give you…. this is my gift to you.”

John 14:27-31

In his farewell discourse with his disciples Jesus bequeaths to them, and by extension to us, a peace which the world cannot give, and advises them not to be afraid or let their hearts be troubled.
On reflection I recall the many times when worrying thoughts cascading through my mind find themselves lodged in my heart causing needless distress and anxiety. The gift of peace as promised by Jesus could and should have the effect of laying to rest doubts that assail me as I face day-to-day tasks and life in general, oftentimes, shrouded with uncertainty. It is indeed an assurance that all will be well because God is present, and He’s got this!
Resurrected Jesus, you are our hope when doctors’ reports, financial crises, relational issues, death of a loved one, signs of impending war or any other situation seem to loom larger than life. Remind us not to let our hearts be troubled or afraid but to trust in you. Thank you for your gift of peace which surpasses understanding.