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April 30, 2024
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May 1, 2024

A parish mourns on passing of “gentle giant”

Like the disciples en route to Emmaus, the parishioners of St Paul’s Couva and by extension the citizens of Couva and environs experienced their own disillusionment during this Easter Tide. Luke 24:21 says, “Our own hope had been that He would be the one to set Israel free.” There we were setting our hearts on having that ecstatic moment when a son of the soil will be ordained to the priesthood. However, like Moses in Deuteronomy 34:4b – “…I will let you see it with your own eyes but you shall not cross into it” – we were denied that gratification.

Our beloved son, Michael Maillard, entered the Seminary of St John Vianney, but by God’s decree was not permitted to have an earthly ordination, as was expected by so many. Tuesday April 23, 2024, two days after the liturgical celebration of the Good Shepherd; the Good Shepherd drew him into His eternal home. “The sheep that belong to Me listen to my voice; I know them and they follow Me. I give them eternal life; and they will never be lost and no one will ever steal them from Me” (Jn 10:27–28).

We are extremely thankful to God, for allowing us the privilege of sharing in Michael’s outgoing personality, his love, his gentleness, and humility. I trust his demise will engender a spiritual turning point in our many homes and that our parish will be transformed by the demonstration of love and concern displayed by the community, during this bereavement period.

By Brenda Farrell, parishioner of St Paul’s, Couva