Collection for Haiti
April 26, 2024
Sunday April 28th: I am the True Vine
April 28, 2024

Saturday April 27th: Authentic Identity

“If you know me, you know my father too.”

John 14: 7-14

Have you ever heard the expressions, “The chip does not fall far from the block?” or “You look just like your mother/ your father”? Well, they both refer to the origin of the chip or the person, the background.
The chip was fed by the roots of the tree. The son or daughter was fed with the nutrients and carries the genes of the mother and father. The child in the mother’s womb, was once inseparable from the mother.
Jesus said: “If you know me, you know my father too.” Phillip responded, “Lord, let us see your father too then we shall be satisfied.” Phillip did not believe. Do you believe?
We inherit physical appearances from our parents/ ancestors, but also original sin. However, Jesus was born of a virgin and became man; born of the Spirit of God and became divine. He inherited the power to forgive sin and work miracles. Jesus reasoned with Phillip, “Believe it on the evidence of this work”.
Let us reflect on the miracles and works of Jesus.