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April 24, 2024
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April 24, 2024

Faith unveiled: The power of belief in the Eucharist   

By Rosemarie Sant, CN contributor

The Christ the King RC Church in Miami, Florida, buzzed with prayer, praise, worship, and fellowship over three consecutive nights, April 16–18 as Fr Trevor Nathasingh embarked on a retreat delving into the essence of faith and the sanctity of the Eucharist.

Anchoring his message in biblical truth, Fr Nathasingh drew upon the foundational narrative of the Passover from the book of Exodus. He drew parallels between the Passover meal and Jesus’ institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper, emphasising God’s enduring presence throughout salvation history.

“The Eucharist stands as a testament to God’s enduring love and presence among His people,” Fr Nathasingh proclaimed. “Through this sacred sacrament, we are invited to partake in the divine mystery of Christ’s sacrifice and Resurrection, experiencing His real presence in the consecrated bread and wine.”

He reminded the congregation that the Eucharist is “the last legacy of Jesus; this is what Jesus left us before He went to die, and we must honour it.”

The three-night retreat, themed The Eucharist: Core of Catholic Christianity, was organised by parish priest Fr Joseph Jean Louis and attended by parishioners from the Christ the King community, with praise and worship led by Marcellin Peters.

Declaring that without faith, belief in the Eucharist is impossible, Fr Nathasingh stated, “Faith is a divine gift bestowed upon us by God Himself, guaranteeing His blessings. But this gift, received through Baptism, requires activation. Without nurturing and practising our faith, it becomes static and meaningless.”

He urged them to align their actions with their beliefs. “Claiming to be Catholic while living in contradiction to our faith diminishes its power. Faith ensures the blessings we hope for and proves the existence of unseen realities, including the nature of God Himself.”

Fr Nathasingh said that the Eucharist is the pinnacle of faith, made possible by the steadfast belief of the faithful. “Ordinary individuals like you and me can live in the power of this divine gift, making a difference wherever we go. But we must understand the uniqueness of the Catholic tradition, particularly the sacredness of the Eucharist.”

He warned against complacency in approaching the Eucharist. “To receive the Eucharist without proper reverence is to desecrate something sacred. We must approach the altar with awe and respect, understanding that it is our faith that validates the sacrament, not the actions of the priest.”

“The Eucharist is not merely a ritual or symbol but a sacred encounter with the living God,” Fr Nathasingh affirmed. “Through this holy sacrament, we are nourished, strengthened, and united as members of the Body of Christ, called to live out our faith with boldness and compassion. It is through this sacred ritual that we are united with Christ, nourished by His body and blood. And yet, this gift is not to be taken lightly. We must approach the altar with humility and reverence, mindful of the solemn responsibility that comes with partaking of the bread of life.”

That responsibility, he continued, is to become servants, “because Eucharist is food for servants, not for the proud. It is about service to others, about building up the Body of Christ. As a resurrected people, we have a mission, and the mission is to make disciples for Jesus.”


Faith is the foundation

Fr Nathasingh spoke to the need for active participation in the life of the Church. “Let us approach the Eucharist with hearts aflame with faith and gratitude. May we never take for granted the profound gift of Christ’s presence in the Blessed Sacrament, but rather, may we be transformed by the mystery of His love and become beacons of light and hope in the world.”

He emphasised the inseparable connection between faith and the workings of the Church. “Faith is the foundation upon which the Church functions. Every sacrament, every act of worship, is imbued with the power of faith. As believers, we must exercise our faith to receive the blessings of the Church’s ministries.”

He also underscored the significance of doctrinal unity within the Church, particularly regarding the authority of the Pope, the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the sanctity of the Eucharist. “That is the full gospel. Because the gospel has those three things in it.”

Fr Nathasingh recounted his own journey to faith, a testament to the transformative power of divine encounters. “God orchestrates divine moments in our lives, guiding us towards Him even when we least expect it. No matter our background or circumstances, faith has the power to lead us to salvation.”

He issued a challenge to the congregation to embrace faith over fear. “Faith, not fear, must shape our journey. Despite life’s challenges, we must remain steadfast in our trust in God’s sovereign purpose.”

Concluding with a call to action, Fr Nathasingh urged the congregation to be witnesses of their faith in every aspect of their lives. “As Eucharistic people, we are called to be servants of the Gospel, sharing the love of Christ with the world. Let our faith be a beacon of hope in a world shrouded in darkness.”

“The Church will be built by the power of love and discipleship,” he proclaimed. “We are brothers and sisters on a journey to eternity, called to serve one another in love.”