Friday April 19th: Living in Christ
April 19, 2024
Sunday April 21st: Empowered to serve
April 21, 2024

Saturday April 20th: The Words of Eternal Life

“It requires that I be and act counter- culture”.

John 6: 60-69

Jesus’ teaching is difficult because it is transformative. It goes against the whole grain of our formation, the culture which we have internalised. It so consumes us that it causes us to want to ‘return to our former way of life’ and not follow.

This teaching requires that I be and act counter-culture, not to stand out egotistically, but to remain in God’s presence; truly believing that Jesus’ words are spirit and life. The only way to the Father is through the Son, Jesus, gifted to us, ‘and (who) became one of us that we become like him’.

What do I do to reflect and build the kingdom? …. reach out to someone in physical, emotional, spiritual need; do more than is expected in serving others; spend time with someone slow in understanding; listen with an open mind to the person with a hard luck story, love as Jesus loved.

Lord, deepen our commitment to you and to your Word. Like Peter, let us boldly proclaim, ‘You have the words of eternal life’ and live them.