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April 17, 2024
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April 17, 2024

Caribbean bishops meet in Bahamas

President of the Antilles Episcopal Conference of Bishops (AEC), Archbishop Charles  Jason Gordon, and His Excellency Archbishop Santiago de Wit Guzman, Apostolic Nuncio, were among the delegation of arch/bishops gathered for the 68th Annual Plenary Meeting (APM) in Nassau, Bahamas, hosted by The Archdiocese of Nassau. The week commenced with an opening Mass at 6 p.m. at St Francis Xavier Cathedral Sunday, April 14.

Archbishop Patrick Pinder of Nassau was the celebrant. He previously served as President of the AEC from May 2011 to 2017.

The AEC is an Assembly of Catholic Bishops referred to as a Conference of Bishops. It is a unique Conference which brings together 19 dioceses and two independent Missions.

The Conference comprises 13 independent countries, three departments of France, two parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and six former British colonies. The bishops meet once a year for a weeklong meeting held in different Dioceses each year. The Archdiocese of Nassau has previously hosted the conference in 1998. The aim of the meeting is to foster unity among the bishops through prayerful discernment, share views and experiences, and discuss various pastoral initiatives that benefit the faithful in their arch/dioceses. More in a coming issue.