Wednesday April 17th: Food for the journey
April 16, 2024
Church prepares for 33-day Eucharistic Consecration
April 17, 2024

Tuesday April 16th: Do You Need A Sign from God?

“What sign will you yourself do, the sight of which will make us believe in you?”

John 6:30-35

What separates presumption from discernment is usually a clear sign from God. However, there is a danger in asking God for a sign. After all, how do we know if something is really a sign from God or not? The evil one can also give signs that can appear to be so delightful at first and then leads to entrapment.
When we fall into the sin of presumption, we run the risk of “putting the cart before the horse”. This can lead us to choose our own will rather than God’s, which can be to our own detriment. On the other hand, discernment is when we carefully examine the paths that we should take, when we are at a crossroads, and then choose the path that leads to peace.
So if you are looking for a sign from God do not look to horoscopes or numbers on a clock. Try spending some time before the Blessed Sacrament, carefully examine the paths that you should take and then choose the path that leads to peace. That peace is your sign.