Sunday April 14th: All bread must be broken
April 14, 2024
Wednesday April 17th: Food for the journey
April 16, 2024

Monday April 15th: God’s Work

“… work for food that endures for eternal life.”

John 6:22-29

Jesus had just performed two magnificent miracles – the multiplication of the loaves witnessed by thousands and walking on water witnessed by his apostles. The people wanted to hold on to this miracle-worker, so they went in search of him. However, Jesus discerned they were doing so because he provided them with bread. Therefore, he challenged them to go deeper in their search.
He puts forward two contrasting attitudes. Firstly, “working for food that goes bad”, that is seeking those things that cannot sustain us like money, power, status, revenge. When we make these our gods we are surely doomed.
Secondly, “working for food that endures for eternal life”. These are everlasting and life-sustaining like integrity, justice, compassion, humility. They come not through our own making but are gifts from God. Jesus calls this work “believing in the one God has sent.”
Forgive us Lord for putting our energies into “food that goes bad.”
Give us the courage to seek the things that “endure for eternal life.” Amen.