Saturday April 13th: First Captain
April 13, 2024
Monday April 15th: God’s Work
April 15, 2024

Sunday April 14th: All bread must be broken

They saw him afresh in bread broken for our healing.

Luke 24:35-48

They recognized him in the breaking of the bread. It happened so gently, so quietly, so not rushed, that the scales fell away from their eyes; so respectful of the importance of breaking bread that not a crumb fell. Then they recognised Him and touched Him and believed. Yes, He well know how to break bread, how to hold it tenderly…… because bread is life.

He broke out from death into life. Breaking out from the darkness of the tomb was incisive and natural. He is the yeast of all we believe. He is the rising that we all expect and long for.

Nothing can hold goodness in, or prevent honesty from exploding, or rein in kindness. They rise out of any tomb, any locked heart, any hesitant or stammering lips, any darkened space; like bread that cannot but be broken and shared. Bread is not baked to remain whole; its usefulness arises from being broken.

They saw him afresh in bread broken for our healing.