Friday April 5th: Divine intervention
April 5, 2024
Sunday April 7th: A transformative act
April 7, 2024

Saturday April 6th: Bruv, Seeing is Believing!

‘…. they would not believe it.’

Mark 16: 9 – 15

Jesus chose to reveal himself first to Mary Magdalene, as such she was the witness for the disciples; but they ‘who been with him’ thought they knew better and chose not to believe her. How often do we disregard the witness of others in our daily lives? I draw inspiration from her as a witness to life, an announcer of truth, and a bearer of light.
The Word encourages us to continue the mission of Mary Magdalene and the two disciples to whom Jesus had appeared. How can we make other people believe that Jesus is in fact risen?
Without a Christ-like attitude this undertaking could never be accomplished. Like Mary Magdalene, Jesus knows our failures and shortcomings, but he continues to trust that we can deliver the Good News.