Wednesday April 3rd: God is always with me
April 3, 2024
Urbi Et Orbi for Easter
April 4, 2024

Thursday April 4th: Peace be with you, friend

Luke 24:35-48

I frequently experience spiritual warfare through bombardment. Work and personal situations oftentimes, assail me simultaneously and I would become overwhelmed, anxious and irritated.

As I journey with the Lord, I am learning to take a step back (mentally), breathe and say, “Ok Lord, send in your army of angels and pour Your Spirit upon me to renew my wearied spirit.” I envision the Lord breathing His Spirit on me and saying, “Peace be with you!” He says to me, “why are you troubled, and why do doubts rise in your mind?

He opens my mind to see that these situations are great opportunities to surrender to Him and practice virtue. To witness to the world by my life; that Jesus has conquered all things and placed them under His feet, including all the little details in my life.

I begin to relax and wait to receive His promise of power from on high-His Holy Spirit of grace and truth.