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March 19, 2024
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March 20, 2024

Wednesday March 20th: The word is your home

Do we really study the word?

John 8:31-42

“You Catholics do not read or study the Bible which is the Word of God.” This was said over 50 years ago, and I was quick to defend us saying that we read at every Mass or other Liturgical activity. I had to check myself then-“Did we really study the word?” I had to acknowledge back in those years, most of us would read but not fully study it. Yes. Some of us had Scripture in order to do the Overseas Examination but many of my classmates admitted it was just for the Exam and we got a Grading.

Fast forward and I recognized my need to live in the Word and so, to make my word my home. What is the correlation? A home generally brings comfort, shelter, sustenance, teaches truth, gives answers and so much more. So does God’s word when used faithfully.

Thank God. God’s Word IS our Home!!!