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March 20, 2024
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March 20, 2024

The password is Prayer

St Anthony’s Point Fortin catechists, had an impactful Lenten retreat in Cedros on March 9.

Guided by scripture and our theme, Connect to God, the Password is Prayer, Terryck Torres and Julius Leacock inspired us to deepen our connection with God and build a stronger sense of community through the various facets of prayer from adoration at the church and silent contemplation as we communed with nature; to  prayers of heartfelt gratitude and communal supplication.

They encouraged us to utilise  our password —PRAYER, in good times and even through stormy patches so that we are never disconnected from Almighty God. This better equips us to guide and inspire those entrusted to our care.

Apart from being nurtured with spiritual food, we also feasted on delicious fish broth, sumptuous pastries, luscious fruits, and lots of water which rejuvenated us. All praise and thanks to Almighty God!

We really appreciate our brothers in Christ who made the long journey from North to South.

Thank you, Fr Cornelius Phillip, for adding this new dimension of having small retreats within each Ministry. Thanks, Fr Alfonso Madani MSFS, for welcoming and facilitating us with adoration, and thanks fellow catechists for saying ‘yes’.

— St Anthony’s Point Fortin catechists