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March 20, 2024
YEAC helps  to keep homes safe
March 20, 2024

Parents, students informed of gang culture in schools


The Community Relations Branch (CRB) conducted an informative presentation for parents at the Ava Maria Primary and Roman Catholic Boy’s Primary Parents Conference Tuesday, March 5.

The event aimed to empower parents with essential knowledge to safeguard their children’s well-being and future, reported St Lucia Times.

It said on Thursday (March 7), the CRB continued its efforts by conducting an enlightening lecture at the Babonneau Roman Catholic Primary School.

The following critical topics were covered:

  • Age of Criminal Responsibility: Parents gained insights into the legal age at which children can be held accountable for their actions within the justice system
  • Impact of a Criminal Record: Understanding how a criminal record can significantly affect a child’s life, including educational and employment opportunities
  • Exploring Gang Culture: Parents were informed about the current gang culture within the schools, enabling them to recognise signs and take proactive measures
  • Protective Steps for Parents: Practical strategies were shared to help parents shield their children from involvement in gangs or exposure to gang-related activities

During the sessions, parents and students gained valuable insights into identifying signs of gang involvement and understanding the dynamics of conflict within communities.

The CRB emphasised the importance of employing proactive measures to promote safety and harmony in local schools.