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March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

Message to my younger self

With age comes wisdom. Or so they say… As we celebrated International Women’s Day last week, we thought it would be a fantastic time to reflect on our life’s journey. Let’s see what advice catholic women would give to their younger selves.

Camille Mc Milan Rambharat

You will overcome your insecurities and emerge as a woman of faith, strength, and boldness.

Marceline Peters

I would say to my younger self…Be obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit! Trust in the God whom made me!

Lee Thompson Holly

Be less quick to judge others, you yourself have barely begun to live.

Meguella Simon

You are beautifully and wonderfully made, love yourself and there’s no need to compare yourself to others. God has a plan for you, you may not understand it especially in your down times but trust in Him, He has something great in store for you. Remember always that God loves you.

Suelin Navarro

To consult God in every aspect of your life; don’t compartmentalise life and God. He’s the beginning, middle and end of everything decision and relationship. Give all your worries, anxiety, concerns, problems to Jesus. Meet Him in the Eucharist, prioritise going to Adoration. Jesus is your friend, confidant, stronghold. Pray to be more like Jesus. Have a real relationship with Jesus, just as you will talk for hours with your best friend, do the same. Be very specific in your prayer requests and also remember to give thanks for everything you have received, no matter how small it may seem. Even when you feel as though the prayer request was not answered, know that He knows what is best for you and He would never lead you astray. As a stay-at-home mom, I’ve learnt to give thanks in the mundane tasks. My daily life of taking care of my children seems so insignificant but it is still an opportunity to worship God and give Him all the glory.

Kai Sinclair
My advice to my younger self would be: Do not worry, God will work it. Luke 12:22-34 reminds you that you are a priority to God and as such, he will provide for you. Worrying doesn’t change the outcome. To worry is to be troubled over actual or potential problems. God doesn’t want you to be troubled (John 14:1) Rather, Focus on Him; on seeking the Kingdom of Heaven; on trusting His will and everything will fall in line, according to His will