Tuesday February 27th: For you have one teacher
February 27, 2024
Thursday February 29th: Lazarus and the unnamed rich man
February 29, 2024

Wednesday February 28th: Jesus announces his death and resurrection

“You do not know what you are asking. Can you drink the cup that I am going to drink?”

Matthew 20:17-28

In this gospel passage Jesus announces “Good News” and “Bad News”.
The “Bad News” means someone is going to betray him. Consequently, Jesus will be condemned, tortured and crucified. He will die.
The “Good News” means Jesus will not remain dead. He will rise again.
If you know that someone is going to betray you, but you are innocent, and will be convicted and executed, what will you do? What will Jesus do? He will pray, “Father, take this…..suffering from me”. He will then accept and forgive his offenders.

In this gospel, the mother of James and John requests very important seats for her sons. Does she know that such a request means persecution, forgiveness, humble service, and perhaps the threat of crucifixion and death?
God the father has prepared those seats for certain persons. Jesus accepted his father’s will. Are you ready to forgive your offenders/enemies, and to accept the will of God in your life?