Saturday February 24th: Building Spiritual Muscle
February 24, 2024
Monday February 26th: His name is Mercy
February 26, 2024

Sunday February 25th: And there came a voice from the cloud

“This is my son, the beloved. Listen to him.”

Mark 9:2-10

The invitation extended by Jesus to go up the mountain is an integral aspect of relating to God and also an opportunity to experience God’s mystery. The transfiguration on a high mountain carries within it the transformative power we long to possess.
During these forty days of Lent, we are being led to heights. We are invited to reflect on Peter’s words, “Rabbi, it is wonderful to be here.” Attention to the inner self yields blessings which must be shared. What Jesus wants is imitation not admiration. After the wonderful experience they had to descend the mountain to complete the work they were called to do. Likewise, we must also descend and attend to what we were sent to do.
There must always be a holy longing inside of us to press on and to listen for the words, “This is my son, the Beloved. Listen to him.” Peter, James and John, even though they were frightened, allowed themselves to be overshadowed by the cloud and they heard the words, “This is my son, the Beloved. Listen to him.”