Monday February 19th: The Christ in others
February 19, 2024
Wednesday February 21st: Jonah, a sign to Nineveh
February 21, 2024

Tuesday February 20th: Pray like this

“Our Father in heaven, may your name be held holy.”

Matthew 6:7-15

We say the Our Father prayer so many times and may take it for granted. Jesus gives us the directions to our praying as we first acknowledge our Heavenly Father. I did not grow up with my biological father, but I knew who he was and that was enough for me. Maybe that knowledge helped me in my prayer. I couldn’t see our Heavenly Father, but I knew He was there and wanted what was best for me.

Jesus reminds us to acknowledge our Father, the Holy One whose Kingdom we experience on earth and prepare ourselves for our time to be with him in Heaven. We must be content with what we are given for each day and…as God forgives us, we in turn must forgive others. 1 John 4:19 appeals to our heart that if we cannot love our brother who we can see, how can we really love God who we cannot see.  Think on it!