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January 18, 2024
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January 18, 2024

The musings of Lynette: Love Letters from God

Lynette Rodriguez is a 75-year-old widowed retiree from Valencia. She is also former Secondary School Librarian who also taught English as a second language for many years. Today Lynette shares with us the letters she wrote to herself from God.

Dearest Lynette,

I just wanted you to know how special you are. You were created by God who is love and He even made you in His image and likeness, therefore my dear heart, you are the embodiment of love. When I look at you, I see love flowing through your veins. You think it’s the lifeblood that keeps you alive, no it is God’s love flowing like a river through you. Now that I have told you this, I want you to feel God’s warming love taking over your whole being. Feel the love that He has placed in you and know, without the shadow of a doubt, that you are loved and will always be loved till the end of time.

Dearest One,

You are like a beautiful pearl that was hidden in an oyster and has now been found, polished and ready to be seen anew through eyes of love. You exude warmth and happiness and there is also joy. Yes, many a time the smile on your face and in your eyes help to ease an ache, not only in yourself but others. And never forget your gift of laughter. That certainly is a big plus given by God, so never cease sharing your love, warmth and laughter. I’ll always love you for just being you. Stay as sweet as you are.

Hello Dearest One,

How are you today? Do you feel richly blessed and loved this morning? I hope you do because you are blessed with God’s richest blessings and graces today. His love for you is overflowing like the river does in floods. He wants to continue blessing you like that and with even more abundance but you have to do your part and open wide your heart to Him. You have to become vulnerable to Him. Let Him take over your heart and have His way in your life. I know you can do it because He is pouring out His golden love. You can see it now, glowing, glittering, resplendent and sparkling as it empties itself into you. Just open your arms and heart and receive more of His wonderful love so you can truly share that love and joy with others. Love you, Love you XXX

My Dear Child,

You are in a special place in God’s heart. You are there because of His love for you. That love is made known in so many ways. Look how He never took your joy away completely. Yes, there were times when you were down but you did not stay there forever. Your laughter and God’s Holy Spirit made you rebound. Then, added to that, He gave you people who really cared and those paying lip service He simply kept them out of your way. What a wonderful God who loves you. And just remember that if God made you special with love, you should love like you know you are special and loved. Now don’t go and get all uppity with yourself you know, buy stay as sweet and special as you are. Love you.