Monday January 1st: Solemnity of Mary
January 1, 2024
Wednesday January 3rd: God is speaking to us
January 3, 2024

Tuesday January 2nd: A voice of one crying in the wilderness

“I am not the Christ.”

John 1:19-28

Have you ever felt “a how” when pointing out things and no one seems to be heeding. So, we have experienced what John was going through. The Jews even though they knew about the coming of the Saviour, continued to miss the opportunity to prepare for Him, to repent and be baptized. John was at pains to point out that he was not the Christ. Yet they were prepared to be distracted and questioned John, “Who are you”? Was he the Messiah or one of the prophets?
John made it clear, responding, “I am not the Christ”.
We ourselves must always be mindful as we proclaim the word and seek to live life in keeping with God’s wishes that it is never about us. As John says, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). John recognized that his purpose in this world was to exalt Christ, not himself.
So, as we live this Christmas season, let us not be dismayed, but ask God to strengthen and help us to put Him first in all things.