A beacon of hope for dance, drama, and music

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December 21, 2023
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December 21, 2023

A beacon of hope for dance, drama, and music

By Daniel Francis

I must start this review with two disclaimers. When I was asked to attend and produce a review for ‘Gifts of Blue and Gold XV’ put on by the students of Fatima College and Holy Name Convent, my first reaction was an immediate yes!

As a Fatima old boy myself and past Head Prefect, I bleed blue and gold. I have not attended one of these concerts since my time at the school so if you think this review is biased….you are probably right because I love my school so come for me if you wish!

The second disclaimer is that I am not one for plays and musicals and when I heard that the production was three hours long there definitely was a part of me that felt like it might be a torturous experience which is very ironic because by the time the event was over, I was begging for more.

The first half of the concert focused on the battle of ‘One Superpower’. The idea is that all these different sinful and negative elements of the world battle for supremacy but the one true superpower without a shadow of a doubt is always God.

The young boys of Fatima College and the lovely young ladies of Holy Name Convent carried the audience on a wonderful journey through different Bible stories that we know all too well but from a whimsical, theatrical, and uniquely blended manner that I have never experienced before.

The intricate stage designs or even the powerful beating of the drums and other instruments would have been enough alone to make this experience truly amazing but that was just the beginning.

I ask you what does the story of Saul, Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, and Patrice Roberts have in common? Well, somehow through the production of this theatrical beauty these young men and women under the guidance of teacher and choir leader Kwasi Noel and their team were able to perfectly blend these stories with the backdrop of our local music.

I was pleasantly surprised to watch the young talent enact Paul’s persecution of the people while they sang Machel and Bunji’s ‘Buss Head’. Then Saul’s transformation to Paul as he spread the message of Christ to the nations led by ‘Better Days are Coming’ from Patrice Roberts sung by the students.

They took all these separate elements and created the perfect pelau of dance, drama, and music. Don’t get me started on the abilities of these young boys and girls. It was amazing to watch as they acted skilfully from scene to scene then those same actors would scurry off set and begin playing different instruments in the orchestra below.

The multitalented abilities of these young students far overshadowed what I was accustomed to in my time at the school. It is truly a blessing to see the growth of your Alma Mater shown directly in the abilities of the students. What a wonder to behold.

The second half of the concert was focused on song and music. The symphony of the sweet pan music, drums, violins, and other assorted instruments sang sweetly in our ears.

There were many moments where I forgot I was in a school hall. I was electrified by the sounds of the music and the visuals. It would be remiss of me not to mention the sheer vocal talent of some of these young students. I was taken aback by the emotion that they put into their singing, and it felt like I was in a professional concert in Queen’s Hall or NAPA. I cheered incessantly until my voice was hoarse.

All I can say is ten out of ten out of ten. Though I have missed this concert since graduating from school, there will not be a time when I miss it moving forward. If you have never witnessed ‘Gifts of Blue and Gold’, well, reserve your spot for next year because you will not regret viewing the spectacle.

Hats off to the hard work, dedication, and creativity of all the parties involved in putting together that concert. I cannot wait for next year’s concert.