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How one hour can change your life… forever

By Daniel Francis

I am always grateful that my career officially started in personal development. Truth be told, I wanted to be a doctor but, as is the norm with life, sometimes our plan is not God’s plan.

I am grateful because I learned some valuable techniques throughout the personal development journey that not only helped my clients but myself also. I practise what I preach so everything I teach I use in my daily life.

One such piece of information was the power of habit and time investment. These two aspects of personal development I believe, as a society, we grossly take for granted.

The thing about personal development is that it is neither sexy nor exciting, but it plays a vital role in building a strong foundation to guide you to the success you want.

Yet, in a world where instant gratification is king, this important message of self-improvement is mostly lost because it comes with patience and resilience, the enemies of instant gratification. So, I find that the excuse of not having enough time to focus on self-improvement is not true.

If you took a snapshot of your day and how you spend your blocks of time, I am certain that you waste at least an hour or two on activities that do not add any value.

Maybe you spend too much time scrolling on social media, watching TV, or gossiping about unimportant matters. This time could be better spent investing in yourself.

Back in 2019 when I had the idea for my first book, even though I was excited to get started, I was also quite aware of my circumstance. That period was one of the busiest periods for me.

I had multiple projects going on at once and my days were packed. I could have easily said that I was too busy to write this book, but I decided to invest just one hour, and it made all the difference. I woke up one hour earlier for three months. I spent that one hour in focused writing. At first, it was difficult to focus and to muster the mental fortitude to want to write but a remarkable thing happened over time.

After a few weeks, what was at first a laborious task I had to force myself to do became a passive task to which I became accustomed, and almost anticipated. It became a habit due to the time investment.

I continue the daily writing to this day. The time invested helped me to write my first book all from one hour per day. This first book went on to change my life and is the reason I am even writing this article for you right now, funnily enough. What could you invest one hour into from today that could change everything for you?

God calls us to be the best versions of ourselves and that means we have to be proactive about our development not only in the area of our spirituality. Imagine spending that hour reading, exercising, building your craft, reading the Bible, writing, etc. What type of value would be created from your investing in yourself in that way?

Let me break it down for you so you can see the impact. What if you invested an hour a day? That’s over 730 hours invested in yourself each year. Essentially 30 full days and change.

People always wonder how I get so much done, but when I am investing a minimum of one hour per day in myself, there is no limit to what I can achieve. This stands for you also. The question is not how would one hour invested each day change your life but how would 30 full days of investment in yourself change your year.

We are in the final month of the year, on the precipice of 2024. God is calling you to make a change. Forget the excuse of ‘I am too busy’. This is your life, and you can change it for the better with only one hour a day.

The choice is yours.


Daniel Francis is a millennial helping other millennials. He is a two-time author of the books The Millennial Mind and The Millennial Experience, and an entrepreneur. Over the past four years, he has served as a Personal Development Coach whose work targets Millennials and helps them tap into their full potential. He is also a Self-publishing coach and has guided hundreds on self-publishing their book successfully.

IG: rebitlimited

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