Tuesday November 28th: Prepare!
November 28, 2023
Catholic Education Board responds to mandatory registration in MiLAT Programme
November 29, 2023

Wednesday November 29th: Yuh go get thru!

“Stand firm, and you will win life.”

Luke 21: 12- 19

“Family yuh go get through!”
I was at the back of the line with about 100 people ahead of me. I was waiting in standby for the boat to go to Tobago for my best friend’s birthday. I doubted my chances, so I prayed and prayed and when I arrived on the boat, I saw him again and he said, “Ent I tell yuh yuh go get through famalay!”
Life is tough and filled with difficulties but be assured our victory is certain if we trust in the Lord. It does not say that we will not have tough times or moments of doubt and fear, it certainly never says that we will not go through difficulties, but you know what it does say? It says that if we stand firm, we will win in life. In other words, “Doh worry yuh go get through!”