November 23, 2023
New Jesuit-run college opened
November 23, 2023

Bishop Clyde among inductees to St Mary’s College Hall of Fame

Bishop Clyde M Harvey of St George’s-in-Grenada was one of five men inducted into the St Mary’s College Hall of Fame on November 14. The other inductees were Carlos David Hee Houng, and (posthumously) Dr Samuel Ghouralal, Prof Julian Kenny and Patrick Arnold.

The Hall was established on October 9, 1997 “to recognise past students and other individuals/groups associated with the College who by their outstanding deeds of excellence serve as exemplars to past and present students” in keeping with school’s motto, ‘Virtus et Scientia – Virtue and Knowledge’. The event was hosted by the St Mary’s College Alumni Foundation with the support of the St Mary’s College Past Students’ Union. Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon presided.

Photos: Gerard-Paul Wanliss