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November 17, 2023
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November 17, 2023

Feast of Christ the King brings hope to Sea Lots community

With the construction and refurbishment of a vocational school in the area by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Port of Spain, in collaboration with the Eternal Light Community (ELC), the residents of Sea Lots will benefit from educational initiatives, upskilling of its residents, community development, inclusivity, open and constructive dialogue, and anti-crime initiatives.

The Church believes the vocational school will provide an essential bridge between the residents and the rest of the country by offering them a path to gain marketable skills and better their quality of life.

Deborah ‘Sister Debbie’ de Rosia and her ELC team have walked and visited the various communities and talked with the residents to ascertain their needs. It was communicated that drug use, gun violence, homelessness, lack of parenting with no proper schooling for the children were their priorities.

The residents found that the pressing issue of turf war made it near impossible for the children to attend school. The stigma of being born and raised in the community engrained a sense of hopelessness in the people.

Employment was far out of their reach, as employers are hesitant to hire residents from Sea Lots; even if they gave a fictitious address, once found out, they were released from their positions.

Several meetings were held and on the last meeting, Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon met with the residents, where they reiterated their concerns. Based on their voices crying from the depths, the Archbishop set about obtaining a site for the refurbishment of a school suitable to the needs of the residents. The site was secured, and construction began.

During the day, young children and youths attend school, while evening programmes for adults will provide life-skills training, Adult Literacy Tutors Association (ALTA) classes, and other subjects including CXC Mathematics and English tutoring.

These programmes are designed with the long-term goal of equipping residents with basic, entry-level technical competencies and life skills they can leverage to support employability, future growth, and development.

A programme aimed at educating families with physically challenged persons was sponsored by the British High Commission. There are specific days set aside for spiritual growth and days for medical intervention.

The project expects to achieve a series of positive outcomes, including increased enrolment in secondary education among Sea Lots residents aged 11-18, elevated skill levels, enhanced participation of community members in the workforce at higher skill levels, and increased participation in the tertiary education system by Sea Lots residents aged 18-35.

On October 1, 2023, His Grace said: “a project nearing completion in Sea Lots will serve as a developmental centre, aiming to uplift the community. This initiative underscores the Church’s commitment to addressing socio-economic disparities and providing residents with opportunities for growth and empowerment”.



It should be noted that any community under stress can be turned around. The school can be viewed as a model for other communities and society in general. Young and old alike can benefit from the courses offered. Lives are truly changed.

Due to the tireless efforts of Sister Debbie and her team, change has begun to transpire; one member from the community received a job at a cafeteria in Tunapuna and is running successfully to date. They have added more people and are hoping that it can be a pilot for more cafeterias.



The future is bright as this school, and possibly many more, will produce more purposeful lives, changing the face of our nation by bringing hope, love, and purpose to our underserved communities.

The change is happening in Sea Lots. The residents formed committees to come together and provide free labour. They took responsibility for the building and maintenance of the play centre.

A group of young entrepreneurs are teaching welding skills. The turfs which brought so much anxiety to the community have seen boundaries being broken. They are taking responsibility for themselves. A true mark of success!

All proceeds from the Feast of Christ the King collection go to the Sea Lots Vocational School.


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