Wednesday November 15th: Blessings!
November 15, 2023
A Culture of Collaboration in Education PT 4
November 16, 2023

Thursday November 16th: Kingdom Builders Wanted

When will the Kingdom come?

Luke 17:20-25

The world seems to be at a tipping point. Even the weather seems to be confused, lashing out and yo-yoing to different extremes, apparently doing its own thing. Perhaps it is merely reflecting the human race. If ever there was a time when God’s Kingdom needed to come, it is now.
In today’s Gospel, Jesus said that the kingdom of God is around us. God’s Kingdom comes on Earth when God’s people are in leadership positions. Thus, they make decisions that are grounded in truth, justice and morality. When God’s people become jaded, shallow and lukewarm, they do not rise up and take their rightful places at the helm.
Others rise up instead to fill those vacant positions and they build ungodly kingdoms of corruption, perversion and evil. Such are the grave times that we are now living in.
Alas, God is raising up extraordinary kingdom builders today like you and me. The world needs the Truth of Christ proclaimed through macro-level decision making in all sectors of our country.