Monday November 13th: Protecting the vulnerable
November 13, 2023
Concerns Rise Over OACPS-EU Agreement, Jamaica Withdraws from Signing
November 14, 2023

Tuesday November 14th: Keeping focus

“We are merely servants: we have done no more than our duty.”

Luke 17:7-10

In today’s Gospel passage Jesus is reminding us that our mission here on earth is to serve God and others. Sometimes we lose focus of our God-given purpose and become distracted. It is important to stop frequently and take stock lest we get ahead of ourselves and harbour a sense of entitlement. This might especially be so in cases where we attain positions of authority in society, or are heavily involved in church ministries, or become the focus of public attention.

It is easy for our pride to get in the way, and unconsciously, we can begin adopting the posture of the Pharisee in that popular parable, expecting adulation, approval and special treatment from God and man alike.

Instead, we are called to humble ourselves as we discharge faithfully the task we were created to do. Let us remember that we are mere servants who are expected to do what the Master commanded.

Lord Jesus, we pray for the grace and humility to seek to serve rather than be served. Amen.