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November 10, 2023
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November 11, 2023

Saturday November 11th: The Right use of money

“You cannot serve God and mammon …”

Luke 16: 9-15

Jesus’ words early in this Scripture passage must cause us some consternation. Is Jesus promoting financial dishonesty and selfishness? No, not by any means.
Let us therefore understand the lesson. Honesty and integrity in all our actions are fundamental principles by which we ought to live.
Unfortunately, when the acquisition of money becomes the centerpiece of every circumstance in our lives, at the exclusion of any other possible virtue, then it is tainted mammon that we worship, and not God. What is mammon? Mammon is best described as “… a satanic force that grips men and women and enslaves them through the medium of money.”
We worship mammon when dishonesty, selfishness, unfaithfulness and greed take first place in our lives, and we lose all sense of loyalty and trustworthiness. We can no longer be trusted with anything, big or small. How familiar is all of this?
Lord, have Mercy on us!