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St Anthony’s College Students to Face Suspension After Fight

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Catholic Education Board of Management (CEBM) has assured that the six Form Four students involved in a fight at St Anthony’s College, resulting in one student’s injury, “will be suspended”.

Sharon Mangroo told The Catholic News “a few others” witnessed the fight but did not participate.

She said reports of the fight which occurred Thursday, November 9, are being collected from all witnesses and/or those who were involved. A preliminary report has already been submitted to the Ministry of Education (MoE) and CEBM.

The procedure for suspension of the students involved, according to the MoE’s policy, will be implemented Mangroo said.

She said the fight seems to have started between two boys over name-calling that occurred last term. “When the victim was hit, his friends joined in.”

She said two teachers intervened to “clear the area”, separate the boys, and render first aid. A School Supervisor was on the compound at the time of the incident.

Mangroo expressed gratitude for the “decisive action” of two teachers who were able to contain the disturbance.

She relayed, “The one who started the fight, along with another student, ran away from the school and did not return today.”

Speaking to The Catholic News via phone, Mangroo said St Anthony’s is generally a sound, well-managed school in which the principal and staff work together and in collaboration with the police where necessary to provide the students with the best learning opportunities. She confirmed there have been “disruptive elements” among the students but they are in the “minority”.

She noted the Acting Principal has denied the existence of any “fight club” within the institution.

One local news source reported the student’s mother had made a police report after her son was allegedly beaten by multiple boys.

Investigations are ongoing.