‘Meditation Builds Community’
November 3, 2023
Sunday November 5th: Idolatry in disguise
November 5, 2023

Saturday, November 4th: The power of humility

I sincerely believe, humility can open many doors.

Luke 14: 1, 7 – 11

I read this Gospel from three different versions of the Bible. I wanted to make sure, that Jesus was really telling people how to “show-off” as we say in Trinidad. I quote from The Jerusalem Bible (Luke 14: 10): “… In that way, everyone with you at the table will see you honoured.”
I sincerely believe, humility can open many doors. I remember going to a clinic at a public hospital. The doctor had said to me, if I didn’t get a call by a certain date, I should go in. The receptionist told me I could not see the doctor without an appointment. I did not argue.
The doctor walked in just then. I reminded him of his instructions, and he said to the receptionist “pull her file”. It took every ounce of self-control not to tell the receptionist “I told you so” not to mention, humility.