Wednesday November 1st: Becoming Saints
November 1, 2023
Look de Caribbean Saints there!
November 2, 2023

Thursday November 2nd: To do the will of the Father

“I shall lose none of all those He has given me, but raise them up at the last day, because it is the Father’s will.”

John 6:37-40

Today the church celebrates All Souls as we remember all the faithful departed. This gospel reading is so appropriate, for it allows us to reflect on another promise of Jesus. The one who has conquered death. But we are also reminded we must believe in Him, in order to inherit eternal life,
There are persons who still hold to the view “when they dead they done” As Christians we are fully aware that we are only pilgrims here on earth. However, our eternal life with God depends on how we spend our time here on earth.
As we celebrate the Feast of All Souls, let us stop and think about our loved ones and others who have gone before us, but also think of ourselves, where we are at the moment, and strive towards being one with our Maker.
Let us particularly, not only for today, but pray always for the souls in Purgatory.