Emerging Parang Band: Meet Voces Dulces!
October 27, 2023
Sunday October 29th: Offering our entire being
October 29, 2023

Saturday October 28th: Pray the night away

“Lock your door, go into your secret room and pray!”

Luke 6: 12-16

Jesus is God and yet He went up a mountain, separated Himself from all distraction and prayed the entire night because what He was going to do the next morning, would influence centuries to come and the salvation of mankind.

I imagine He prayed not only regarding the choice of the twelve, but He prayed for each by name so each would fulfill his mission in accordance with his call.

Whenever we are discerning a really important decision, do we go around telling everyone who is willing to listen or do we, like Jesus, kneel and pray the night away in solitude.

We who are believers and followers of Christ are benefactors of that one night over two thousand years ago.

Well then what are you waiting for? In the silence of the night bring your petition to the Lord on blackened knee and He shall direct your path.