Thursday October 19th: Denouncing evil
October 19, 2023
A Culture of Collaboration in Education
October 19, 2023

Poem: Regain

By Michelle Lee
Friends, it was all purposed.

No need to feel worthless.

A spirit of poverty?

Our brokenness becomes our ministry.


Ancestors may have begged.

Uncertain of how to get ahead

But in all things, we give God thanks.

With Him there are no pranks.


Break the curse they say…

It may seem like disarray.

But it is all a test!

Who do we trust at best?


Remove the overhead ‘umbrella.’

Be a learner and a conqueror.

Look at the birds of the air,

They neither sow nor reap in tear

Nor gather into barns with fear.


Yet our heavenly Father keeps feeding them all day.

Are we not worth much more than they?

And by worrying can we add one hour to life?

Believing is difficult in fright.

God wishes for us to repair and share.

Who can He use if we are unaware?

The blood of our Saviour was not shed in vain.

Think about what He endured and His pain.


Allow Him to work and answer prayers.

He came for all to be saved from the Devil’s snare.

Exchange a negative thought with His truth.

Lord, what do you need me to see

And who do you desire me to be?