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Wednesday 18th October: We are called to minister in companionship

He sent them out ahead of Him in pairs

Luke 10:1-9

Today’s Gospel provides us with examples and guidance from Jesus Himself. Jesus tells us that we should not go by ourselves but with others.

Why? Not matter if we were the most gifted person, we cannot build the kingdom of God by ourselves. We are called to work with others. That is the way of the Eucharistic people, the way of the Christian people who make up the Body of Christ.

Ministering along with others is ministry itself. It provides a formula for the people we are ministering to. It helps them to live a life of inclusivity, communion, forgiveness, love, fellowship and gives us a chance to practise listening. Working with others is the way of the Lord.

Lord Jesus, help us to be people of Holy Communion, people who work with each other and for each other. Lord, make us into bread for your Kingdom. Amen.