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October 16, 2023
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October 17, 2023

Tuesday 17th October: Haunted by a Pharisee

Luke 11:37-41

I realised it one morning –
as I brushed my teeth.
I glanced in the mirror,
and was horrifed to see,
A pharisee stood there –
just staring back at me!
Everywhere I went that day,
it definitely seemed,
That this pharisee was surely –
haunting me.
From the rearview mirror in my car,
it smiled, so eeriely,
Just as I was about to buss a sweet cuss-
At the bad driver in the lane next to me.
And when, I huffed and puffed;
so impatiently,
With the new cashier at the grocery,
He seemed to dance exuberantly –
At my annoyance,
When I grabbed my stuff hastily.
In every pane of glass I passed,
it seemed…
Like he was just there,
monitoring me.
But then, I helped an old lady cross the street,
And this pharisee vanished immediately.
After, when I shared my meal,
With a family in need,
It evaporated instantly.
In fact,
whenever I did these kind and hidden deeds,
The Pharisee would never ever be seen,
I soon realised that –
the antidote for the pharisee;
Was some good ole-fashioned charity!