Saturday October 14th: Getting Our Priorities Right
October 14, 2023
Monday October 16th: Greatness
October 16, 2023

Sunday 15th October: I have my banquet all prepared

For many are invited, but few are chosen

Matthew 22:1-14

Jesus, our king, constantly invites us to his banquet but we fail to acknowledge the invitation. We take God’s grace for granted. These dispositions constitute the mixed membership of our church. The good news is preached and some accept it while others reject it.
We are guilty of saying that we have work to complete and money to be made. We are always trying to get ready for something. We get ready to go out to a celebration, to the farm, to our business place, we get ready for bed or to go to work, etc.
The message Matthew wishes to convey undoubtedly, is that we ought to be always ready and willing to answer the request of God. God should not meet us trying to get ready. The process of conforming our minds to the ready mode is not an easy one because resistance resides in us. Whilst God’s invitation is always available it is up to us to accept it or to reject it. Our King does not single out anyone, all are invited. Are you ready?