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October 11, 2023
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October 11, 2023

Northern Vicariate parishes to engage young adults

Parishes of the Northern Vicariate have embarked on engaging the young adults in their parishes and by extension the whole of Trinidad and Tobago.

After consultation with the Catholic Youth Commission, Fr Urban Hudlin OP and Deacon Peter Timothy are spearheading the initiative along with nine parishes in the Northern Vicariate.

On Saturday, October 21 at Fatima College from 9.30 a.m. – 3 p.m., we will be hosting group discussions on issues that interest young adults. A recent survey conducted allowed for the birth of the chosen topics.

It is our hope that the churched and unchurched young adults will come out and participate.

On the day, there’ll be a friendly football match, Deacon Timothy’s team in red versus Fr Eliaza Mulemba’s team in blue. Come support in your red or blue T-shirts!

In an era of distractions and busy schedules, reconnecting young people with their faith can be achieved through a combination of understanding, relevance, and engagement.

It is essential to create an environment that welcomes and understands the unique challenges faced by today’s youth. Fostering a non-judgemental and open atmosphere can encourage them to express their doubts, questions, and aspirations freely.

Incorporating modern elements into church activities, such as contemporary music, interactive discussions, and technologically driven communication, can help bridge the generation gap.

Showing how faith can be meaningful and applicable in their daily lives is vital to piquing their interest.

Providing opportunities for young people to actively participate, whether through volunteering, youth groups, or creative projects, empowers them to take ownership of their spiritual journey within the church community.

Ultimately, returning to church makes them feel heard, valued, and connected to their faith in a way that resonates with their generation. It is indeed a journey of understanding, relevance, and active engagement that can reignite their spiritual connection and help them find meaning and purpose within the Church’s embrace.