Navigating the Secular: Insights from a Catholic Catechist
October 3, 2023
My sperm donor, not my father
October 4, 2023

Wednesday October 4th: Doing God’s Work

Jesus was way ahead of His time.

Luke 9: 57 – 62

Jesus was way ahead of His time. Management Consultants are now telling us about transparency. Today, Jesus lets everyone who wishes to follow Him know exactly what they are getting into. It is almost as if He were giving all the negatives and none of the positives of following Him.

You will have no home. Your only job is to spread the Word of God. You must be single minded and leave all of your relationships behind.

How many people can do these things? We must be so grateful to our priests, religious and the lay volunteers to the various Church ministries for their dedicated service.

We can find out what our Parish priest likes to eat and buy him something each time we go to the grocery.

We can ask our catechists what supplies they may need. Many buy crayons etc. from their own money.

Sisters might appreciate pedicures.