Making sin look ‘normal’
September 29, 2023
Sunday October 1st: The Darkest Hour
October 1, 2023

Saturday September 30th: My God is awesome!

“And they were all amazed at the greatness of God.”

Luke 9: 43-45

Yesterday, something miraculous happened to me…. and I knelt down in absolute awe of how great my God is. Tears flowed from my eyes as I reminisced about my faith journey.
When I was younger, I constantly stood in awe of how amazing God was.
Then one day I was held at gunpoint, my car was stolen with the $20,000 sou sou money I had just collected, I lost my job and someone I loved died. It all happened so quickly I could not catch myself. I forgot the promises that God made when I stood in awe of him: like regardless of what happened he would still be there for me.
I have come a long way from being that girl who struggled to hold on to her faith because bad things happened. I pray that I never let life’s hardships and failures take away my hope or keep me from the joy that God has given me in my walk with him. I pray that we always remember how amazing He is when things don’t go our way.