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September 29, 2023
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Use retired teachers for Religious Knowledge class, says priest


Fr Albert Smith says he would like to see the teaching of Religious Knowledge and Education return in schools.

A LoopTT article said the “outspoken” parish priest of Babonneau made the comments August 29 on the Good Morning St Lucia Vibes at Sunrise programme aired on Hot 7tv.

“We have been on a drive as a Church, appealing to retired Catholic teachers to sign up so they can go back into the schools where they can have Religious Education with the children. We will get resistance, but as a Catholic school I don’t expect any resistance because when you come to us you know it’s a Catholic school, there needs to be full participation, especially if it has to do with the Word of God,” Fr Smith said.

Fr Smith said at the opening of the new school year, he will be bringing the two Catholic schools in the community, along with other schools, to have a Mass to bless the children and teachers.

“I am hoping that my presence can be felt at the Catholic schools especially, but not limited to… so there is a presence of a spiritual leader,” the parish priest said.

He also expressed his views on how citizens should tackle the scourge of crime on the island. He sees crime as “self-inflicted” therefore there will be no preaching of religion. However, despite the situation, all is not lost. “With Christ all things are possible,” he said.