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September 29, 2023
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September 29, 2023

There is something for everyone

We feature those unheralded persons in the parishes committed to selling this publication. We appreciate all who have contributed to this ministry over the years, helping to deliver this paper into the hands of the people in the pews.


Colleen Ramdan, St Therese, Rio Claro

Q: How long have you been involved in selling the paper?

I have been selling The Catholic News about 40 plus years.

Q: Why did you get involved?

From early in my life, I knew that one of my gifts was to serve. So, when deceased Bishop Galt said we have gifts we must use it and the elders approach me I said, “Here I am.”

Q: What is your approach to encourage people to buy or read the paper in your parish?

Seeing a person or persons very interested to learn about their faith in a holistic way. The paper is composed for everyone and there is an article for each and every group. I simply ask them to buy a Catholic News. There are 24 pages in the newspaper, so I explain that there is something for everyone.

Q: How do you think the paper can be better promoted to Catholic faithful?

The paper can have personal testimonies either weekly or monthly. This way, the parishioners who are going through a difficult time would not give up on their faith. They can have stronger beliefs because someone gave their story of what God has done in their life.

Q: To be a seller you most probably also read the paper. What are your favourite pages or columns?

I read the whole paper, but I love the editorial, what is happening in the Caribbean churches, international news and what’s happening in the 62 parishes across Trinidad and Tobago.

Look out for more as we continue to salute our sellers.