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September 29, 2023
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September 29, 2023

Holy Cross RC – sign of victory, evolving in building and heart

Holy Cross RC Church stands majestically in Princes Town. Originally constructed in the year 1871, the church has been a pillar of strength not only to Princes Town, but adjoining communities.

The original building with its beautiful architecture has deteriorated over time, and after centuries of faithful service, our church building was rebuilt, and then blessed and rededicated on September 14, 1998.

Although the architecture style changed to a more modern look, the new building carries the same gorgeous, graceful, and stunning aesthetics.

One such beauty is in the shape of the new church building. In an overhead view of the church, you can see the shape of the cross.

Our parishioners played vital roles in the design and construction. Princes Town is truly blessed with many talents.

This year, we celebrated 25 years since its rededication. In celebration of both the anniversary of our rededicated church and our patronal feast day on September 14, the parish hosted a three-night novena and a day of togetherness and sheer fun.

We were blessed to have visiting priests sharing with us and every single one brought reflections that would leave lifetime impacts on our hearts.

Fr Kenwyn Sylvester, dubbed the happy priest, graced us first, and spoke on finding happiness in the Cross and that it was a sign of victory rather than shame as originally intended.

Fr Lindsay John then brought his truly thought-provoking and motivational words to press on! Not to drag our crosses but pick them up and follow Christ. On the final night of our Novena to the Holy Cross, Fr Jeffrey Supersad brought healing of body, mind, spirit, and soul!

Fr Jeffrey took us down memory lane back to when he was a seminarian and stayed at our parish when our beloved Fr Benedict ‘Bunty’ Hilaire was parish priest. He also prompted us to go down our personal memory lanes and remember the lessons in faith we were taught growing up and reintroduce them to today’s world.

Chief celebrant for the Feast Day celebrations was Fr Eliaza Mulemba CSSp, lovingly called ‘Fr Eli’. He brought his usual humour, superstar singing and extremely enriching words. He spoke on how everyone always asks for more time and just as we request it, we must also give it. The cross, he said, reminds us that our sins have been cancelled.

Fr Eli joined our loving parish priest, Fr Santhosh and the parishioners for a day filled with food, singing, and fashion entertainment from our very own.

Our parish gives all praise and thanks to our God, the one who made the cross a symbol of pride, happiness, and hope.

We thank our past and present parish priests, our parishioners who generously give of themselves and the wider community for their love. Our parish has always been and will continue to be a sign of victory, evolving in building and in heart. —Anne Paula Redhead