Getting to Know Series: Chukwuma ‘Chuma’ Emesiani – from Nigeria to Trinidad
September 27, 2023
People were important to our missionary sister, ‘Gussie’
September 28, 2023

Thursday September 28th: The Word of God is alive and active.

You shall listen and not understand, keep on looking and not perceive!

Luke 9:7-9

Oh, foolish man so full of pride
Ye cannot see that God most high
Shall shatter hearts big and tall
For His Word shall conquer all.
Try and try to snuff It out
Like Herod ye shall be in doubt
By the power that cannot be quenched
Though His body was bent and wrenched.
His Spirit rose through time and space.
An unknown, undefined that could not be erased.
Listen with your hardened ears!
Look and see what sin declares-
Such evil plans we dare not speak
Against the humble and the meek.
But great in the desert is he that dwells
The one before who shouts and yells.
Prepare ye hearts to receive him now!
For He has come, before Him bow.
Death, O death, where is your sting?
The victory gained by Christ the King!