Monday September 25th: Regulating Brightness
September 25, 2023
Lisa Wickham: For the love of Eucharist
September 27, 2023

Wednesday September 27th: What’s your super power?

“He called the Twelve together and gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases.”

Luke 9:1-6

You know when you go to those workshops and they do that icebreaker where they ask, if you were a superhero, what will your powers be?

How often have we said things like super speed, telekinesis, or invisibility? Next time, perhaps we should respond by saying, “Due to my apostolic faith, my super power is to proclaim the kingdom, heal the sick, drive out all demons and cure diseases. My kryptonite is sin and I wear the full armour of God.”

Through our Baptism, we share in this ministry of the twelve. There is presently such ubiquitous evil shrouding and permeating our world. If there was ever a time when super robust Apostolic warriors were needed to avenge the grossness of this age, it is now.

Who will Jesus send?

There is no time left to wake up the sheep, it is time to wake up the other lions. We are the other lions and Jesus is urgently commissioning us to go. Can he trust that we will?

Jesus, we will go Lord, if you lead us.