Go forth and do your thing
September 23, 2023
Monday September 25th: Regulating Brightness
September 25, 2023

Sunday September 24th: Justice and Magnanimity

“My friend, I am not being unjust to you; did we not agree on one denarius?”

Matthew 20:1-16

In today’s Gospel, we reflect upon a generous landowner who dialogues with various persons at various times of the day. At the start of an encounter, he establishes justice, while at the end, he celebrates his magnanimity.

Being called to be truly inclusive, this should cause us to reflect on the ways in which we encounter people during the various phases of their lives. Do we overly criticize our youth, abuse our elderly, scorn our poor and discriminate against our differently abled? Do we place unnecessary burdens upon them without lifting a finger to help? Or do we always strive to establish justice and charity, leaving these people in a better position than when we met them?

These marginalized persons are often last on our minds and furthest from our hearts, but they are closest to God and often call on him from their hearts. Therefore, without grumbling, let us convert our thoughts and our ways to put them first, for this is what it means to joyfully and actively build up the kingdom of heaven.