Monday September 18th: Eat the lemons whole
September 18, 2023
St Mary’s College Mourns Passing of Beloved Teacher, Mr. Joel Garcia
September 19, 2023

Tuesday September 19th: Hosting God

“God has visited his people.”

Luke 7:11-17

In today’s Gospel the people witnessed the compassion of Jesus.  He felt sorry for this widow who has lost her only son.  In Jewish culture if a woman had no man in her life, husband or son, she was looked down upon.

Jesus knew her plight and restored her dignity by raising her son to life.  This is what the people saw as ‘God’s visit to his people’.

It is important for us to open ourselves to hosting God.  We do so by how we treat people.  If we are exclusive in how we treat and relate to people, we may miss the opportunity to host God.  Today let us look for opportunities to host God and restore people’s dignity.

Lord Jesus, continue to reveal the mystery of God to us and guide us to live a Christ-like life. Amen.