Sunday September 17th: No Limit to Forgiveness
September 17, 2023
Tuesday September 19th: Hosting God
September 19, 2023

Monday September 18th: Eat the lemons whole

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.”

Luke 7:1-10

For those who are called to walk the royal road of the cross and profess to have faith, life will always be harder, and their faith rocked. It may seem as though there are always unfortunate circumstances happening one after the next.

Those lemons can be sour especially when our testimonies have been hijacked, through a series of unexpected calamities and deferred breakthroughs. What do we do when life is sour?

Well, we run to Jesus and receive him often in the Eucharist- humbly, contritely and in a state of grace. We hold on and embrace our cross. In other words, we bite the lemon whole.

Jesus knew why he entrusted this gift of himself to our Church.  Truth be told, it is only Jesus who can ransom and recover what Satan and his henchmen have tried to steal, kill and destroy from us. It is only by receiving Jesus worthily in the Eucharist that we can break the bondage of sin and trauma that bind us.

Jesus, touch the hearts of Catholics. Draw us deeper towards your sacraments, today. Amen.