Thursday September 14th: Lift Jesus higher
September 14, 2023
Saturday September 16th: Obedience
September 16, 2023

Friday September 15th: Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary understands our sorrows and empathizes with our struggles.

Luke 2: 33 – 35

Today we honour Mary under the title of Our Lady of Sorrows. In the gospel passage we hear Simeon saying to Mary that ‘a sword will pierce your own soul too’, prophesying the immense pain she would endure as the Mother of Jesus.

Our Lady of Sorrows is depicted with seven swords piercing her heart, symbolizing the profound anguish she endured throughout her life.

Mary’s heart was pierced with sorrow upon hearing the prophecy of Simeon. She fled to Egypt to protect the infant son from Herod’s slaughter. Imagine the anxiety and sorrow she felt when she and Joseph lost Jesus for three days in Jerusalem. Mary’s heart broke as she met Jesus carrying His cross to Calvary. She stood at the foot of the cross enduring the agony of her son’s crucifixion. Mary held the lifeless body of Jesus after His crucifixion. And she laid him to rest in the tomb.

Mary understands our sorrows and empathizes with our struggles. She intercedes for us before her Son, providing comfort and solace.