Kael Bisnath: Chess Star from Presentation College Secures Gold 
September 13, 2023
Friday September 15th: Our Lady of Sorrows
September 15, 2023

Thursday September 14th: Lift Jesus higher

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

“…even so must the Son of Man be lifted up.”

John 3:13-17

Today’s reading, and feast day, direct us to dig deeper to understand the foundation of our faith: God’s love for us.
The image of Jesus Christ, Son of God, crucified on the cross shows God’s infinite love for humanity. It is on that cross that Jesus Christ took the sins of all mankind upon himself. Throughout salvation history, we see that God always makes a way for us to be with Him and experience His love.

In the Old Testament God told Moses to mount the bronze serpent on a pole, so that whoever believed the Word of God and looked at it was saved from death. So too, we sinners are invited to contemplate Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross, repent, ask for forgiveness and turn back to God, so that we can attain eternal life with Him. The cross is a medium of healing and salvation because on it Jesus has won for us eternal life.

Thank you, Jesus, for your saving cross. Help me to bask in your love today and always.