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September 13, 2023
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Saluting Catholic News Sellers: Debra Francois

We feature those unheralded persons in the parishes committed to selling this publication. We appreciate all who have contributed to this ministry over the years, helping to deliver this paper into the hands of the people in the pews.


Debra Francois, St Joseph RC, St Joseph

Q: How long have you been involved in selling the paper?

I’ve been selling it for about five years.

Q: Why did you get involved?

A gentleman, Mr Smith, used to sell before me. I used to sit with him to help sell the paper and when he passed, I took over fully.

Q: What is your approach to encourage people to buy or read the paper in your parish?

I get to interact with the parishioners, getting to know their names; both old and young. I have plenty of ‘church daughters’ and I love to interact with people.

Q: How do you think the paper can be better promoted to Catholic faithful?

I explain to them that they can use it to follow the liturgy and when they get home, they can read various articles. I also prefer to encourage them to purchase at the parish. I think if you reduce the number of papers in retail and increase the number in parishes, we can push the paper where it matters the most.

Q: To be a seller you most probably also read the paper. What are your favourite pages or columns?

I like the page that deals with the upcoming saints/feast days, the children’s page, and Integral Living (section).

Look out for more as we continue to salute our sellers.